We are LC Studio Tutto, a Los Angeles-based, female-owned and operated creative studio. We create site-specific artwork—infusing spaces with life and identity to invite a visceral connection between people and their environment.

Our artwork tells stories in nature that are both big picture, like that of the changing seasons, and intimate, like that of the nurturing relationship between the monarch butterfly and the milkweed. Whether we are telling a macro story or a micro story, we endeavor to inspire a sense of awe for our natural world.

In our 10 years creating public art we’ve created over 80 artworks. Every site has unique assets and challenges that the collaborative process should honor and complement. In this manner we have been able to design and oversee the fabrication of long-lasting large-scale murals, architectural features, kinetic artwork, and multimedia installations for both civic and private clients. 


Sofia Lacin grew up in a warehouse studio, surrounded by all kinds of imaginative handmade props, shaving-cream pies, tiny figurines for miniature sets, and endless colored pencils and paper. Her parents shot and styled photographs while she created drawings and paintings backstage at the ‘stupido.’ After early life in Northern California, she left to study art abroad in Florence, Italy. While in Florence, Sofia was introduced to a culture that prioritized beauty. She was taken with this visual approach to life and brought this philosophy home with her to fuel her work as a professional artist.

In addition to her work as co-owner of LC Studio Tutto, Sofia creates paintings on canvas in her downtown LA studio. Sofia’s expressive paintings are portraits of inner moments. Stains, dry-brush, thick and barely-there oil paint, conte crayon, and oil sticks layer with one another to create abstract worlds. Each piece is open and loose without being chaotic or out of balance. 


Hennessy Christophel, the daughter of an artist and a biologist, grew up with colored pencils in hand, surrounded by nature. With an interest in systems, cycles, and understanding how the world works, she looks for pattern, meaning, and story in her artwork. After graduating from the University of California, Santa Cruz with a degree in fine art, with a focus on illustration and bookmaking, she started her career in public art. Now living in the Central Coast, Hennessy is continually inspired by the intricacies of nature and seeks to bring life and nuance to the built world. 



We love the experience of getting to know a space from the inside out. Our process is conceptual, exploratory, and driven by curiosity. To establish a holistic vision for a space, we seek to understand its geographic context, history, and physical attributes. With this information, we create a visual narrative to harmonize with an environment and the people who frequent it. We believe in an open dialogue with our clients and the audience the art is for—after all they know the space best. This kind of collaboration is instrumental to the success of a piece.

Thoughtful site-specific artwork invites a meaningful connection between people and place, and optimistically shapes the way we see ourselves and the world around us.

For over 30 years, this elevated stretch of Interstate-5 has served as the shelter for California’s largest farmers market. Our vision was to transform this anonymous concrete overpass with artwork that reflects the vibrancy and life that fills the space every Sunday morning. After input from the famers market founder and surrounding neighborhood associations, we created keywords to direct our design process: seasonal, alive, community, and cyclical.

Bright Underbelly transforms 70,000 square feet of concrete into painted blue sky and abstract branches and leaves of sycamore trees that once grew on the site. There are four areas of the design, each representing a season. The mural transitions from the lush leaves of summer to the barren branches of winter. Between the branches you’ll discover local wildlife depicted. Encompassing the entire piece is the shimmering lunar cycle for one year.

Bright Underbelly_Lunar Cycle.jpg