LC Studio Tutto is an art and design team composed of Sofia Lacin and Hennessy Christophel. The duo works collaboratively to create large-scale public art — infusing spaces with life and identity to encourage a connection between people and their environments.

LC Studio Tutto has created over 85 art installations. The team has collaborated with municipalities, developers, architects, and designers to translate feelings and ideas into works of site-specific visual art. With each project they work closely with the client to produce a piece of art that reflects its surroundings and resonates with the community. 

Artists Sofia and Hennessy grew up in Sacramento, California. Sofia studied art and Italian at University of California, Davis and in Florence, Italy, with a focus on large scale, gestural abstract paintings. Hennessy studied art at University of California Santa Cruz, focusing on detailed illustration and bookmaking. As a team, they bring together their individual artistic strengths to create artwork that is rooted in abstract expression while furthering a defined narrative. 

Lacin and Christophel design collaboratively from their Los Angeles and Central Coast studios, and fabricate artwork together on-location throughout the Country.


Sofia grew up in an warehouse studio, surrounded by all kinds of imaginative handmade props, shaving-cream pies, tiny figurines for miniature sets, and endless colored pencils and paper. Her parents shot and styled photographs while she created drawings and paintings backstage at the ‘stupido’. After early life in Northern California, she left to study art abroad in Florence, Italy. While in Florence, Sofia was introduced to a culture that prioritized beauty. She was taken with this visual approach to life and brought this philosophy home with her to fuel her work as a professional artist.

Sofia’s expressive paintings are portraits of inner moments. Stains, dry-brush, thick and barely-there oil paint, conte crayon, and oil sticks layer with one another to create abstract worlds. Each piece is open and loose without being chaotic or out of balance.

Complementing her introspective studio practice, for the last 10 years Sofia has introduced large-scale fine art to the public realm. Since co-founding LC Studio Tutto, Sofia has designed and fabricated over 85 site-specific art installations across the Country. Each of these large-scale artworks integrate layers of her fine art paintings on canvas to introduce fine-art qualities to the everyday landscape. Handmade textures, rich colors, and brushstrokes bring movement and life to municipal water tanks, freeway over-passes, and bleak tunnels, to name a few.

Sofia is currently at various stages of design and fabrication for a range projects: a mixed-media series for a Silicon Valley tech company headquarters, a three-dimensional laser-cut sculpture for a lobby, an abstract public art piece that shadow, and a fresh collection of paintings on canvas in her studio in downtown Los Angeles.

Sofia graduated with a fine arts degree from the University of California, Davis with a double major in Art Studio and Italian language. After studying art and Italian in Florence, Italy for a year, she returned to establish LC Studio Tutto in 2008.


Hennessy Christophel, the daughter of an artist and a biologist, grew up with colored pencils in hand, surrounded by nature. With an interest in systems, cycles, and understanding how the world works, she looks for pattern, meaning, and story in her artwork. After graduating from the University of California, Santa Cruz with a degree in fine art, with a focus on illustration and bookmaking, she started her career in public art. Now living in the Central Coast, Hennessy is continually inspired by the intricacies of nature and seeks to bring life and nuance to the built world.